Magoha: 38,797 KCPE Candidates to Join National Schools

Cabinet Secretary of Education Prof George Magoha

The Cabinet Secretary of Education Prof George Magoha has announced that 38,797 KCPE candidates have been selected to join national schools

He said that 214,960 others have been placed in extra county schools across the country


The Cabinet Secretary also said that 258,456 will be enrolled in county schools, 726,311 students will be enrolled in sub-county schools while 2,045 have been placed in special needs schools

Magoha said that the selection was based on affirmative action and was purely on merit saw at least 800 students from informal settlements will join national and extra county schools

The cabinet secretary was releasing results today at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development where he said that all the 1.2 Million who sat for KCPE will join form One



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