Baby David’s Killers Arrested by DCI

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have arrested Phylis Njeri and her husband Jackson Ngui in connection with the murder of baby David

The three-year-old boy’s lifeless body was found dumped at the Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital in Nairobi last month

The brothers’ mother had left them in the couple’s care after leaving to work in Saudi Arabia.

“Phylis Njeri, who tortured the 3-year-old boy to death was smoked out of her hideout at Illasit village, close to the Kenya-Tanzanian border,” DCI said in a statement.

“Baby David’s body had severe burns on both hands, legs and buttocks. It also had fresh injuries on the neck, the back and the face, signifying the amount of torture that the minor underwent, before his painful death.”

The detectives said that they recovered a whip that was used to assault the deceased’s elder brother who was beaten senselessly and threatened with dire consequences should he reveal what had happened to his brother.

“The two suspects are currently being transferred to Nairobi where they will face murder charges.” DCI stated.

Following overwhelming public outrage over the brutal murder of baby David Ndung’u, whose lifeless body was dumped at Mama Lucy Kibaki hospital last month.

Detectives have arrested the perpetrator.

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