Becoming, are you where you wanted to be

If someone ever asked me where I saw myself today, 5 years ago, I would never know what to say.

Saying that the journey has been tough, is a mere understatement. The ups and downs of this life have brought about tears of both joy and pain in life.

Many are the times I have been let down by the people I trust the most. The ones I love the most and always thought that they are permanent have left.

Some make us cry over stuff we have not done while others ignore our faults and always want to see us smile. Others leave when we need them the most whereas others stay even when we beg them to leave.

If there is something I have learned is that in growing, we meet a hybrid of earth’s people who are totally different from ourselves. It takes a while to know whose hands we need to shake and whose hands we need to hold on to; either for a while or forever.

At times I think I have my life figured out but when the hurricane hits, I go back to collecting all the pieces and starting fresh again.

It’s a journey worth risking since the pain tags along with happiness as well. I have learned that there is no right time for anything. It is better to have risked and lost than to not have risked at all.

Maybe it is that new job that is mysterious to you, a relationship, or anything.

Many are times when I feel like my life I dormant. Not in a relationship with anyone, countable or no friends at all. I try convincing myself it’s normal but the inner peace that comes with this stage is at times disturbing.

I have watched friends achieve their dreams and it becomes hard to wait for my turn at times. Reassuring myself every day that God’s timing is the best is what has kept me moving for ages.

Being strong for myself and lifting myself up to continue even when I am a complete wreck and on the verge of giving up has been a journey worth going through.

After all, isn’t that what life entails? Learning to hold on and learning to let go. Learning to be the best version of oneself.

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