Boniface Mwangi goes after Francis Atwoli

Cartoon image of Francis Atwoli.Image Boniface Mwangi FB

Controversial activist Boniface Mwangi has criticized the Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU) secretary General Francis Atwoli for abandoning workers.

In a thinly veiled attack, the activist lamented that workers welfares have been neglected as the Secretary General is dining with oppressors.

“Kenyans working in factories, companies and big agricultural farms are exploited daily. Paid poorly, bad working conditions, no medical covers and zero job security. The corrupt workers union boss is a billionaire and he has pocketed politicians and media. No one questions him. “Boniface Mwangi wrote on his social media handles.

The activist questioned why the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission report has never been implemented.

“What is Kenya’s tipping point? What will make us stop voting the land barons, looters and the billionaires? The reason why the it’s because it was going to affect about 10 powerful political families. 10 families are the reason why TJRC report was shelved.” He said.

Mwangi also revisited the river Enziu accident where 32 people died as the bus they were travelling in was swept by water.

“32 people died at River Enziu in Mwingi about two weeks ago. No one was held accountable. No one resigned. There was no national anger, religious leaders kept quiet lest the government starts taxing tithes and offerings. What will make us angry enough to demand accountability?” Said the father of three whose house was bombed by unknown people.

“ In 2015, 147 people were murdered by terrorists in Garissa University. I believed students across Kenya would come together and protest. Not a single protest happened. Duale promised to write a list of terrorist financiers, he never did. Families buried their dead, and we moved on.” He continued

Mwangi questioned Kenyans why they still elect people who steal from them, alleged that in an election contest  between Barabass and Jesus, Kenyans would not elect Jesus

“Kenyans are peculiar people. Someone steals from you, flaunts what they stole and gets elected to steal more. The few of us who dare call them a thief, are trolled and called haters. If a race between Barabbas the murderer and Jesus would happen in Kenya today, Barabbas would win!” He posted

A few weeks ago Bungoma Senator Moses Masika Wetangula questioned the role of COTU boss as he alleged that he is no longer a trade unionist but a politician.

Atwoli downplayed those allegations and said that Trade Unions fought for independence in Kenya and most African countries.

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