“You can’t cook two pots peacefully at the same time.” One will definitely be acrid. Some campus students have developed a habit which doesn’t rhyme with what they are schooling for – Campus cohabitation, which is mostly known as ‘come we stay’ among them. It is an emotional and physical intimate relationship which includes a common living place which exists without legal or religious sanction. It’s a monster devouring these young people, who doesn’t view things on a third eye, thinking it’s a modern thing.

There are several causes of campus cohabitation, the leading being peer pressure. Many young people aren’t self aware meaning they don’t know what they want with their lives then. When their peers get into this they can’t survive being left out; they can’t bear being identified as laggers.They want to be identified with their “Modern” peers,so they’ll do anything to cohabitate, even if it means forcing a relationship.

Freedom is also a cohabitation cause. The moment someone’s away from the parents watch they will do anything for pleasure. Total freedom is such exciting; a “full grown” away from parents, relatives or villagers watch, all alone in a world with strangers. Most grab this opportunity to fulfill what they’ve been yearning for like full time relationships, which mostly leads to cohabitation since the youngees think they are too much ‘in love’.

The other cause is having a bad company. Definitely there are several groups in campus so someone chooses their way. There are Christian union groups, peer counseling clubs, games e.t.c.There are groups of partying also, when it’s Friday night then their activities begin. These are the same groups you’ll find cohabitating, they don’t see a big deal. The moment you join them then you have to do as they do to fit in hence many are falling into traps thinking they are enjoying life.

Poverty is also forcing some to cohabitate in campus in the name of “cost sharing”. If you come from a poor background an opposite gender individual may offer to accommodate you. Most do so to satisfy they needs. The question here is; can’t cost be shared with individuals of the same gender?

Campus cohabitation is coming up with a bunch of effects the imminent being depression. Trying to live pleasing your “partner” who you don’t even know is a task especially at the age which should be spent discovering and developing oneself. The “partner” may also start cheating after monotony which leads to stress, murder and suicide.

Pregnancies and abortions also are raising effects. The two will obviously fornicate and the girl decides to abort after being dumped, which happens mostly or to avoid shame. Some use contraceptives which play around with their hormones,imbalancing them and may have miscarriages or birth deformed kids in future.

There is also low class work performance. One will not fully focus on their course since they’ll not have full time with classmates for discussions,practicals,research and inventions because the “partner” might be too insecure that they’re not spending enough time with them. Other effects include dropping out of school after pregnancies and moral degradence.Some drop out after the baby daddy denies them, loses hope and decides to be sex workers to provide for their kid, thinking prostitution is a sustainable job because it earns them a living but the truth is such a lifestyle robs one of their dignity making them forget their true worth.

There are some remedies for shutting down this monster, councelling being the first. Campus management should arrange for frequent forums teaching the young people how to grow responsibly. Parents should also follow up their kids progress in campus and not just paying fees and sending them money. The students should set personal goals and have guiding principles not to fall victims of peer pressure.

Campus cohabitation is one of the worst mistakes student venture into; it’s nothing to be proud of, it never brings any positive impact. You will reap what you sow.

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