DCI Boss To Malala: Don’t Provoke Armed Police Officers

Directorate of Criminal Investigations - DCI Boss George Kinoti

Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss George Kinoti has hit out at Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala demeaning remarks that police Officers do not need education to carry a firearm

The DCI was speaking in Nairobi during the launch of Digital Education that is meant to benefit more than 20 Million Kenyans

“Police officers have been demeaned that perhaps you only need arms and legs, we are academic dwarfs, we never went to school or something like that, instead of celebrating our emotional intelligence you make fun perhaps of our academic either lack of intelligent, or something like that” Kinoti lamented

“Criminally talking when you provoke that officer who is taking care of you diligently,lovingly, an officer who is ready to give his blood, his life for you,holding a full loaded firearm ,demeaning him to an extend of provoking him, and you know very well he claim responsibility over you,if you provoke someone to that extent he can lose his sanity, and he will most likely commit a felony and if when factors ,circumstances are analyzed he may not be held criminally responsible the resultant felony” DCI Boss went on

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Kinoti said that the police officer emotional intelligence has been vital to them despite provocation. ”But because a police officer maybe you accuse of academic inadequacy but emotionally, you need to congratulate us, celebrate us, because that officer remains cool, he smiles, absorbs all the insults, all the demeaning words, and after finishing demeaning the officer he will open for you the car door”

In a viral video, Malala who was addressing Kenya Kwanza rally in Western Kenya on Tuesday said that police officers needed not to be educated in order to handle firearms.

“Kazi ya askari si nikushika bunduki tu pekee yake? Hio inahitaji masomo yoyote kweli? Kama mtu amemaliza Form Four na alipata C plus, tumpeleke university asome; kazi ya askari ni hawa jamaa ambao wako hapa wenye waliacha shule na hawakufanikiwa kumaliza shule,” Malala said.

Following the assertions which seemed to anger most netizens, the National Police Service (NPS) Spokesperson Bruno Shioso rebuked the demeaning remarks by the senator

“We as NPS fraternity, including our dear families and friends, are utterly disappointed with such unwarranted and outrageous remarks, which we find too demeaning and only aimed at scandalizing a noble profession deployed in the service and good of the public,” NPS spokesperson Bruno Shioso said in a statement.

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