Kenya,Uganda suspend Cargo scanning for 14 days

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Kenya and Uganda have agreed to suspend scanning of cargo in order to clear the 40 kilometer snarl at the boarder.

The suspension took place after the cabinet secretary for transport James Macharia met with his Ugandan Counterpart Katumba Wamala and Uganda’s State Minister for Trade Harriet Ntabazi in Malaba on Saturday.

Addressing the press in Malaba town on Saturday afternoon, after the meeting, the two leaders announced a 13 action plan that were taken from Saturday to end the ongoing strike.

“We have met the customs officers and officials concerned with health as well as immigration. We want this backlog to be out of the way by Wednesday. From the Kenya side, the scanning will not be done because that has been part of the problem,” Wamala said.

The two leader announced suspension of weighing the trailers,to fast track the clearing of the snarl that.

Other measures that the two leaders took were increase the number of officers cushioning trailers,Kenyan drivers will be allowed to Uganda with Kenyan COVID-19 certificates for 14 days.

Malaba has been on the spot since the introduction of Ksh 3,600 for covid-19 testing, the truck drivers went on strike to protest against this move.

Concerning Infrastructure, CS Macharia said that the government will allocate money for widening Busia -Kisumu road and Malaba-Webuye road for easing transport.

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