how i met him

How I met him

Continuation….. (Part 3)

I know you are all excited in knowing about how I met him. But before that there is a disclaimer: We are no longer together with ‘’him’’ but I chose to write this blog focusing on the good memories and positive vibes.

I`ve shared many personal blogs before but this is different. I would like to tell you how I met this one guy who changed my life and made me believe that actually princes do exist.

I was single for about a year prior to meeting him. I tried online dating for a while and none of the guys there was substantial! What am actually trying to say is that I had to kiss a lot of frogs before I met him. I`m a living proof that good things take time.

The scenario goes as follows: It was during April holiday, I decided to enroll to a certain institution to do a short course. I figured out staying at home won`t be of any use. That is how I found myself in JKUAT, Kitale campus pursuing certificate in purchase and supply management.

On April 19th  2020, after getting done with a certain cat. We were chilling out the premise with my girls talking about how the cat had actually harassed us. Out of the blues this tall, dark handsome guy appears. He had the physique any girl would die for and his smile was something else. He joined us and quickly asked us to help him with the paper that we had just done. Interesting!

I remember one of my girlfriend being so quick to hand him the paper only for him to say NO, the audacity!! He then looked at me and he was like, I want yours, wow! I`m smilling writing this because this seems like yesterday ( Sidenote: A while later I came to realize this guy had no use for even that paper, haha-Things we do for love!) Back to the story… So I handed him the paper knowing I had no use of it anymore. We then left!

Two days later, I met this guy again in……

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