Humanity is but a forgotten virtue… #JusticeForEbbie


About a month or a few weeks ago Lynn Ngugi shared a video about a woman who lost her daughter three years ago.

The story attracted my attention because three years down the line no justice has been served and only unclear stories are provided surrounding the young girl’s death.


What is the cost of justice in Kenya? Many stories are shared across social media platforms regarding injustice and no significant measure is taken.

The major assumption is that justice is just but a name and no measure will be taken.

From my perspective, it is pretty unfair that those involved in the young girl’s murder walk freely and yet the victim’s mother is passing through the pain of unanswered questions.

Schools are meant to protect and care for the students in the parent’s absence. However, after the victim’s death, the school has been portrayed as an unsafe space to leave your son or daughter.


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