in whosehands are we safe

Over thirty individuals robbed yesterday around Thika town following Moses kuria’s thanksgiving political rally.  

The over twenty goons stole from people in the campaigns and also passersby. They threatened them with guns and machetes taking away their everything.The security was weak.

“They have a plan where they send one person to block your way and before you know it you’re surrounded. Two chocked me from behind, one pointing machete incase I scream, another one took my belongings as others surrounded me. People and motorists watched quietly as I went through this and no one cared,” One individual narrated.

At Thika police station, victims flooded with different ordeals, “four guys grabbed me as I passed, pushing me to the bust at the verge of raping me as a police officer watched. They stole my phone and school identity card, “the girl sobbed.

Another man had a swollen face, bleeding ears and completely torn clothes. He was stolen from and on trying to defend himself, he was thoroughly beaten the goons claiming he stole from them. Students were stolen from as they passed and beaten with timber and canes.

 The police officer in charge just wrote police abstracts to a few individuals and chased the others claiming to take lunch at 4pm.Other police officers just assumed the complaining individuals.

Political rallies have become dreadful since even pedestrians cannot walk safely. Goons are taking advantage and surrounding such areas. If campaigns are this scary now, what about when we near the election period?

Its high time police officers put themselves in citizen’s shoes and protect them. They should show humanity, not just watch someone getting humiliated.

People should also have unity. Where is humanity? Where are people’s hearts? How can people just stare at a fellow human being getting killed?aren’t police officers supposed to protect us?


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