“It isn’t as it appears”

"Deteriorated health is one of the greatest sorrow bearer"

People appear great outwardly until you dig deep and realize something is devouring their insides.
It’s such a sad era, masked generation; jovial publicly but sorrowful privately. People are angry at their past or present, illnesses, failures e.t.c but hiding it all under a smiley face.
Deteriorated health is one of the greatest sorrow bearer. Many are ill but would rather not say it, not knowing they can encourage someone else with similar condition that has lost hope. Many are in indescribable situations; scary illnesses.
As we walk one Sunday evangelizing with my two friends we meet two men, let’s name them Jake and Peter. Jake is huge, tall and appears healthy and wealthy. Peter is short and slender and chews a toothpick as they converse. We stop to tell them of God’s goodness and mercies.
Cain says they are from church and that they have witnessed God in their lives. He opens up gradually as he narrates.
“You might think am healthy as you see me here. I have been feeding on a pipe which’s on my chest right now.” He shows us the pipe from his neck and continues, “I have cancer and this pipe has fed me for three months. This growth on my neck was the source of the cancer.
Of late I can chew and swallow, is that not God? I believe the cancer is gone hence I brought my remaining medicine to my friend who also has cancer.”
All this while Jake stands arms clenched on his chest, silent and motionless. On the mention of his trouble tears form in his eyes. I now understand why he appears solemn as Peter narrates. Deep down in the outward “healthy” body lays a monstrous disease.
They tell us one thing, “If you are healthy, thank God. Don’t stress or be greedy for more. People have money but have big problems out here.”
Health is more than you think of, its God’s greatest gift. It’s the source of everything.

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