Jubilee to Ruto, You are a Hypocrite, Stop Taking Advantage Of Kenyans, Resign

jubilee Party Secretary-General Jeremiah Kioni urged the second in command to resign from the government.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee party has responded to Deputy President William Ruto accusing him of using the plight of Kenyans to gain political mileage

In a hard hitting statement, Jubilee Party Secretary-General Jeremiah Kioni urged the second in command to resign from government.

“It is sad that despite Mr. Ruto being the second in command in the government, he has become a serial complainer instead of offering practical solutions to Kenyans,” Kioni said

Kioni said that the Deputy President has been earning heavy perks that come with his role instead of working with his boss to provide solutions to Kenyans. 

“It is not lost to Kenyans that the Deputy President uses not less than Ksh50 million every weekend in transport logistics for his campaigns and security, which is already an extra tax burden carried by the taxpayer”

“During his recent trip abroad, to the US & the UK, Mr. Ruto’s 131-man cheering squad spent a whooping Kshs 200 million in logistics, flights, accommodation, and allowances. This is enough to provide an emergency food intervention program in drought-stricken counties,” the Jubilee Mp said

On Monday, April 4, DP Ruto had blamed the government for working with private companies to deliberately create the fuel shortage witnessed across the country.

He wondered why the 39 billion shillings Petroleum Development Fund levy meant for the fuel subsidy has not been operationalized

Ruto said that the Auditor-General had already raised questions on the irregular and illegal diversion of these consumer protection funds to State agencies and unnamed private entities.

“She also decried abuses on the petroleum import systems in favor of some preferred and politically connected oil marketers deliberately depriving Kenyans of the subsidy mechanism.”

The DP also alleged that the treasury diverted funds that were meant to cushion Kenyans were being used in debt servicing and infrastructure development without the approval of the National Assembly


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