KCDF Launches The ‘Art For Change Exhibition’ Featuring More Than 40 Local Artists


The Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF) has today launched its second edition of the ‘Art for Change Exhibition’ featuring more than 40 artists and showcasing over 500 pieces of art, in a week-long event that seeks to raise resources towards its matching grant project model, also known as Pamoja4Change.

Themed “Our Communities – Art for Change,” the exhibition taking place at the Sarit Expo Centre, Cherangani Hall, Westlands, brings together painters, sculptors, illustrators, and community development actors, and embodies the spirit of creativity and community development. By leveraging the power of art, KCDF aims to uplift communities and enable them to create a better future for themselves. The event showcases incredible local artistic talent and highlights the impact of collective efforts in driving sustainable change.

Boniface Mutinda, KCDF Communications Manager, Grace Maingi, KCDF Executive Director, Meera Pandit, Asian Foundation CEO and Virendra Jaidka, Asian Foundation Treasurer, during the launch of the KCDF Art for Change exhibition at Sarit Expo Centre in Nairobi.

Through the matching grant project model, KCDF encourages local giving and the promotion of self-reliance, through empowering marginalized and disadvantaged communities to identify their development challenges and find solutions using their own resources. Under this model, communities contribute 50% of the resources needed for their development projects, and KCDF matches the communities’ contribution. This approach fosters a sense of ownership, self-reliance, and confidence within communities, enabling them to tackle their own development challenges.

Over the last eleven years, the matching grant project model has witnessed success, with more than

200 projects implemented and over Kenya shillings 160 million raised as a testament to the power of collective action and the transformative impact of community-driven initiatives.

Speaking during the launch the KCDF Board Vice Chair, Mrs. Rose Mambo said that the exhibition marks a special moment for the organization as it brings together art and community development in a celebration of creativity and social impact.

“Art has power to transcend boundaries and connect people from all walks of life. It serves as a universal language that communicates emotions, sparks conversations, and ignites change. As we witness the diverse array of artwork displayed here today, we are reminded of the incredible talent and creativity that our country has to offer.” She said.

“Today, as we gather here surrounded by the captivating artworks of talented artists, let us remember that every purchase made during this exhibition will contribute to the transformation of lives and communities in Kenya. The matching grant project model has proven its impact, and now,by supporting our artists and their creations, we can further drive sustainable change.” She further said.

Also speaking during the launch, Ms. Grace Mangi, the KCDF Executive Director highlighted the importance of the event and its significance to the community. “This exhibition is all about putting our communities at the centre, therefore all proceeds from this event will go towards supporting projects in our communities.” She said.

Here are some of the communities driven projects that KCDF has supported their implementation through the matching grant model:

Okuto Community Library in Kisumu County. Through the dedication of Aniga Women CBO from

Kisumu, the Okuto community came together to construct and equip a much-needed library at

Okuto Primary School in West Seme Ward, Kisumu. The community harnessed the power of local fundraising tactics after going through KCDF’s local fundraising training in 2022. Using platforms like

WhatsApp and organizing small meetings, they successfully raised Kes. 1 million towards the grant matching project, fostering a love for learning among children in the area, then KCDF was able to support the project by matching the with an equivalent donation.

Nkoilale Women Beadwork Craft Centre in Narok County. Collaborating with KCDF, the Nkoilale

Community Development Foundation in Narok established this center in 2016. The craft centre serves as a platform for marginalized women to showcase their incredible beading talent and sell their products both locally and internationally.

Kidi Luanda Community Development Programme in Kisumu County. The community of Kidi Luanda embarked on a mission to create a better learning environment for students. They constructed three modern classrooms at Masongo Secondary School, providing a conducive space for students to thrive academically. With a budget of Kes. 2.5 million, this project has had a significant impact on enhancing educational outcomes for the students.

Kyeni Kya Mbiti CBO from Kitui County. In 2021, the community in Kitui took the initiative to address sanitation issues in their community by constructing new toilet blocks for both girls and boys, complete with a handwashing facility. With a budget of Kes. 801,500, they’ve elevated hygiene and sanitation standards, creating a healthier and more conducive environment for students to study and excel.

The 2023 Art for Change Exhibition is also live and accessible through the KCDF website www.kcdf.or.ke

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