KCPE candidates seat for their examination amidst new rules and regulations

The Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) kicked off nationwide today.The 2021 KCPE will be administered between March 7 and March 9 2022

Both private and public school learners are expected to sit for their final papers. This is the second KCPE examination after the coronavirus pandemic hit Kenya.

The Kenya National Examinations Council has registered a total  of 1,225,507 candidates in 28,316  KCPE examination centres as compared to 1,191,752 candidates in 28,467 centres in 2020.

All learners are expected to write their examination without indulging in cheating incidents. Moreover, new rules and regulations have been developed that preside over ensuring the examinations have been completed without theft cases.

Over the past years, the candidates have been allowed in the examination rooms with their ties and handkerchiefs. However, the examination board has developed laws that prohibit ties, handkerchiefs and watches from the examination room.

That has caused controversial perceptions because many parents bought items like watches to help their children exercise excellent time management skills during the paper. Parents are puzzled and have been left wondering how a handkerchief encourages cheating. Most of the learners are pretty tensed because of the examination and handkerchiefs are needed to help wipe off the sweat.

Despite the squeezed term sessions, most students are adequately prepared for their KNEC examinations.

‘The daily whistle team wishes all candidates tremendous success as they seat for their final primary examination.’

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