Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) hits target

President Uhuru Kenyatta/Photo courtesy

President Uhuru Kenyatta lauded the Kenya Revenue Authority for its resilience and commitment to achieve its target.

“Honorable Members, Ladies and Gentlemen, at this point I would also like to take special note of the resilience of our revenue collection system under the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). For the first time in 8 years, KRA has exceeded its revenue collection target despite the COVID stress on the economy. The KRA projected a Ksh1.52 Trillion collection in tax during 2020 they collected Ksh1.67 Trillion, which was in excess of their projected intention. “President said.

The president also revealed that the Kenya Revenue Authority has played a critical role in Kenya’s economy for the last eight years of his leadership.

“But on this note I must also report on the sterling performance of KRA, not only under the COVID duress, but in the last 8 years of My Administration. In the last 8 years, KRA has collected Ksh.10.8 Trillion cumulatively in revenue. This means that in just 8 years, KRA has collected the equivalent of Kenya’s total GDP. It also means that on average KRA collected Ksh.1.3 Trillion every year. “He continued.

The president also revealed that remarkable reforms had been introduced to accelerate the turnaround of our micro, small, and medium enterprises, which will ease in doing business in the country.

The key reforms that have been implemented include business-registration services; re-engineering of the application for power; water and sewer connection; and automation of the land registration processes, adoption of e-payment, e-filling and e-service at the Commercial Division of the High Court, and fully operationalized the Small Claims Court, which has seen disputes involving SMEs, (mostly our youths) being resolved within a record 60 days and thus freeing up capital locked-up in legal disputes.

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