huger consequence faced due to high food prices

Kenyans protest…..#lowerfoodprices

Kenyans have taken to social media to express their displeasure against the high cost of living in the country through #lowerfoodprices hashtag.

A common Kenyan citizen right now goes through the most as the ‘Big Sharks’ live large. This comes days after the movement #lowerfoodprices has been developed and circulating the social media pages quite rapidly.

Some citizens blame the huge price increase on food and basic necessities on the handshake.

Who are to blame for Kenya’s current situation? Is it the politicians who fail to accomplish their delegated tasks? Or the common ‘Mwananchi’ who fails to pay significant attention while selecting their leaders.

Is #lowerfoodprices a real concern for Kenyan citizens or another tactic aimed at attaining the presidential seat later during elections. Kenyans faced increased prices and food is pretty challenging to obtain. As from Sunday February 2022, the internet has been filled with the underscore as Kenyans join together to appeal to the president on lowering the food prices.

Lowering the food prices should be seriously considered and should not be another propaganda which will trick Kenyans to trust a wrong leader. With the current economy crisis, Kenyans are reminded once again to be wise and careful while casting their votes. Five years is a really long time to risk in on an incompetent leader. What do you think about #lowerthefoodprices? Will it be another forgotten story?

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