LIFESTYLE DISEASES

Lifestyle diseases are diseases that come from our daily life; how we live, eat e.t.c

These diseases are caused by smoking, alcohol intake, unhealthy diet and less physical activities.

Some of the diseases are hypertension, diabetes type 2, cancer, stroke obesity and heart diseases.

The diseases can either be communicable (transmitted between people e.g. hypertension) or incommunicable (can’t be transmitted e.g. stroke)

Hypertension, diabetes and obesity are the leading lifestyle diseases.

Hypertension and diabetes are a sister and brother since they commonly occur as one precedes the other.

One is said to have hypertension (high blood pressure), when their pressure is above 140/90.It’s a silent killer since no symptoms appears. It affects the blood vessels and the victim is at risk of developing kidney failure.

1.39 billion People globally were estimates of hypertension in 2010, with majority from low and middle income countries. The western countries are creating awareness hence their countries are less affected.

Diabetes, a chronic metabolic disease is characterized by elevated levels of blood glucose which leads over time to serious damage to the heart, blood vessels,eyes,kidney and nerves.

Diabetes and hypertension can easily lead to stroke, confining someone on a wheelchair forever.

Another monster is overweight and obesity. A person is said to be underweight when their Body Mass Index is 18 or less, normal at 18.5-24.9, overweight at 25-29.9 and obese at 30 and above.

Truncal obesity, excessive weight on the waist, is the leading one. In 2014, 1.9billion individuals had it.

It puts victims at the biggest risk of cardiovascular disease. The bigger your waist, the shorter your life. The biggest cause of arthritis is excessive weight.

                             Addressing risk factors of lifestyle diseases

1. Cessation of smoking

2. Limiting alcohol intake

3. Physical activity-exercise at least 30 minutes five days in a week. Do brisk walking (serious walking)

4. Healthy diet-use little oils for cooking. Olive and avocado oils are the best. Avoid intake of high cholesterol diets like chips. Chips can be cooked by  oils reused more than three times, which forms fatty acids which are really bad for your health.

Lipids clog some parts of the heart veins. Take low fat dairy products and lean meat. Substitute oats with bread.

Lifestyle diseases cause premature deaths and if you make it to old age you’ll be spending money in hospitals. Let’s develop healthy lifestyles.

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