Mount Kenya University students’ Elections

Students line up to cast their votes at MKU
Mount Kenya University Students electing their delegates/Image Quinto

Mount Kenya University (MKU) on Wednesday, 2nd of Feb 2022 held delegate elections, two days before electing the Chairperson of Mount Kenya University Students Association (MKUSA), Vice president also MKUSA Vice-chair, Secretary-general, Academic minister, Finance minister, Social welfare and entertainment minister.

According to the University election rules and regulations, the delegates who are students from various departments were voted for by all the students.

Delegates elected will represent the rest of the students in voting for student leaders on Friday.

The student leaders will serve for a one year term

Only a small number of students turned up for the elections

Every department under each school always has a certain number of delegates; journalism which is a department under the school of social sciences, only the top three aspiring delegates qualify to represent all students pursuing journalism in the university.

Mixed reactions have been raised by students concerning the delegates system, they wanted to elect their leaders directly, they felt that the delegates might be manipulated through bribery hence not voting according to the students’ wishes.

Some Students praised the system as it reduces chances of chaos, it also simplifies the voting process since students only vote for delegates from their departments. Only a small number of students turned up for the elections, others narrating that they had classes the whole day hence having no time for lining up, they urged the administration to consider online voting to


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