Nameless to Wahu,at your service,I will be your Toy Boy

Wahu is celebrating her 42nd birthday

Award-winning artist David Mathenge Famously Known as David Mathenge has celebrated his wife’s birthday.

Nameless took to social media to celebrate Wahu’s birthday describing her as best friend and partner in crime


“Obviously Today anything unasema kwa nyumba is the law… Tunajua🙄🤪… It is the Mathenge tradition, take advantage…ni leo tu.😊. Fam help me wish my best friend and partner in crime a happy birthday… You are a blessing in my life” Nameless wrote

“Character development umenipatia weuh 😅😅😅…I am a better man because of it though😁”

He went on to Wish Wahu a happy, She is turning 42 years today. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY babe… I am at your service, I will be your Uber driver, cook ,masseuse, boy toy, mubaba chochote unataka😅😅 .. uliza utapewa, lakini ni ya Leo tu🧐. #ReadyToServe


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