Once you take a puff, you are in another World

cannabis sativa plant

What comes to your mind when you hear about Marijuana popularly known as bhang?

Marijuana is a tall annual dioecious plant (Cannabis,especially cannabis sativa) native to central Asia and having alternate,palmately  divided leaves and  tough bast fibers.It’s also known as cannabis,Ganja, Bhang and popularly weed.

Marijuana is used for medicinal purposes as a purified and decaboxylated resin or mildly sedating.However,many use it for intoxicating effects rather than medicinal purposes.

A friend who didn’t want their name revealed narrated to what depth bhang took them.

“So we took it in form four one rainy evening. As we walked home with my friend, a plastic bag on the ground tied my foot. Hell broke loose as I ran screaming how ‘they’ want to kill me.

 I ran trying to free my leg from ‘them’ as my friend ran too. We didn’t really know who was holding my leg and after us. At some point on a hill some iron sheets cracked at a distance.

My friend said how we were aimed at by ‘those’ firearms and we would die any time. Then we decided to be on our knees so that the bullets couldn’t aim at us easily. We ‘walked’ on knees as I tried freeing my foot till we parted ways as I reached home.

I just threw myself on the bed with all that mud and realized myself in the morning. I had painy, swollen knees and told mum I was engaged in a curfew. I didn’t attend school that day and swore to retreat from bhang.”

They went ahead explaining how bhang isn’t recommendable as an intoxicant since it can cause madness, can turn one into a thief, bad relations and unnecessary quarrels with others.

He went ahead stating that only the bhang quitters can tell you the effects and not the users. How do you view bhang? Leave us a comment on the comment section below.

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