President Macron Re-elected For A Second Term

French President Emmanuel Macron, candidate for re-election in the 2022 French presidential election, delivers a speech during a campaign meeting at the Place du Chateau near the Cathedral in Strasbourg, France April 12, 2022. REUTERS/Johanna Geron

French President Emmanuel Macron has been re-elected for a second five year term

Macron won with58.2 percent of the total votes against his far Right rival Marine Le Pen who got 41 percent 

Despite the low voter turn out, Macron is the first French President to be re-elected in 20 years

Various European leaders including European Council President Charles Michel, as well as the prime ministers of Belgium and Luxembourg, were among the first to congratulate Macron, followed by almost all of the bloc’s 27 leaders, after his win over Marine Le Pen by a comfortable margin.

Macron,44, was first elected in 2017 ho was then considered a political novice was elected as president at the age of 39 years making him the youngest president in French history

Macron has been credited with streamlining French labor laws, and scrapping of the wealth tax

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