Suicide by a grade three student in Siaya….

another suicide....a grade three learner commits suicide on sunday evening and body found dangling on a belt in his parents' living room.

The suicide case happened on Sunday evening at the Awelo Estate in Siaya County and the victim was a grade three student. The police officers in Siaya County immediately took over the case and necessary investigation began.

The victim committed suicide by hanging and his body was retrieved from his parents’ living room where he dangled on a belt. The matter was reported to the chief who later left the case at the police custody as they rushed to pick the body for further investigation.

The police commander, Bernard Mwangangi provided further details about the student who studied in Siaya township primary school. The victim looked distracted for an extended period and had other suicidal incidents before Sunday evening.

The body is in the Siaya county mortuary and a postmortem is to be conducted as the police conduct an in-depth analysis to understand the root causes of the problem.

The incident happens few days to countrywide school closure and parents are advised to create time and talk to their children. Parents and guardians are urged to ensure they find solution to the children’s problems to prevent more suicide cases.

It is disheartening that a young grade three student was left with suicide as the only solution to the problem. The big question is, with the constant suicide cases from children and teenagers, who should be blamed?

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