The Coldest City In The World, Will You survive Here

Kenya Meteorological Department in their June, July, and August weather updates urged Kenyans to brace themselves for cold weather

This comes as some parts of Nairobi, Western, Rift Valley, and other regions of the country continue to experience cold weather mostly during morning and evening

The weatherman urged Kenyans to avoid using charcoal jikos to keep themselves warm in poorly ventilated houses lest they suffocate

Current temperatures in Nairobi and some regions are ranging from 12° Celsius to 18° Celsius but wait a minute do you know that Nairobi is not the coldest city in the world if you thought so

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According to, Yakutsk is the capital city of the Sakha Republic, Russia, located about 450 km south of the Arctic Circle is considered to be the coldest city in the world with an average annual temperature of −7.5 °C

Here the average January temperatures of -41 F/ -40 C, Yakutsk is thought to be the coldest city on Earth, at least when major cities are considered

Average temperatures of 67 F/ 19.5 C in July make it a summertime possibility for fair-weather travelers.

Yakutsk is all ice. With extreme all temperatures no one needs a freezer as they just hang out their food and it’s frozen for as long as you want

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Walking around town you’ll see cars with running engines to reduce the chances of engine oil freezing. For you to survive Yakutsk you will need extra layers of clothes, gloves, a mask, and something to cover your head too

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