The imposter syndrome, I am not enough

Approximately 70% of people encounter imposter syndrome during their daily activities. Research has shown that few people are aware of the imposter syndrome thus have no idea that some of the difficulties experienced are a result of the disease.

It is quite amusing for a highly productive person to suddenly lose their morale and motive for higher performance. Such signs are among the few that an individual is bound to experience when battling the imposter syndrome.

Imposter syndrome can be defined as the constant doubt in your abilities despite having full knowledge of your capabilities. It is pretty saddening that most people are fighting the syndrome without knowledge of its existence.

Do you experience moments when you feel like you are not enough after working so hard to achieve one of your goals? That right there is an imposter syndrome and its major focus is ensuring that you lose your esteem and confidence. Furthermore, the syndrome pushes one to set unrealistic goals which would trigger disappointment after a failure.

Did you know that some of the high achievers have fallen short due to the imposter syndrome? The best way to deal with the syndrome is to acknowledge its existence and understand some of the signs and symptoms.

The major focus is to eradicate the imposter syndrome and help people believe in their amazing abilities. One can beat the syndrome by embracing positivity in every situation.

Loses should be accepted as stepping stones and the person will eventually elevate to more wins proportionate to their abilities. Therefore, to defeat that vicious cycle by embracing your high-performance power.

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  1. Very true 💯 people should understand that the journey to any achievement in life is full of failures ..the cautious thing is not how you fail but it’s how you rise up after failing.
    Nobody is perfect.
    Thanks Pollette for the reminder

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