The need for a Perfect body, mental disorder

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Mental health has become a very serious problem in our society today, but did you know that eating disorders are a type of mental health condition? 

Eating disorders are mental disorders that are occasioned by abnormal eating habits that always result in a negative impact on both physical and mental health.

There are several eating disorders including Anorexia Nervosa which is considered the most serious type.

In the movie ” Dying to dance, 2001″ directed by Mark Harber, the main actor Allysa played by Kimberly McCullough is a teenage ballerina who is willing to do anything it takes to become a renowned ballerina.

In pursuit of this, she slowly turns into an anorexic.  Watching movies of teenage and young adult movies you will realize that most try to raise awareness on eating disorders and most especially anorexia.

What is anorexia?

Anorexia is a type of eating disorder where a victim is obsessed with being slim that they turn to voluntary restriction of food intake and too much exercise so that they can maintain a certain body weight.

Anorexia not only affects teenage girls but also women and boys. Though unknown to many anorexia also affects men.

In the Netflix series “Tiny pretty things” the character Oren Lennox is portrayed by Barton Cowperthwaite as anorexic. He desires to have a perfect physical shape which makes him take account of every single thing that he eats noting down the calories in his notebook, he also likes eating.

The cause of this disorder mainly stems from low self-esteem in the way his body looks. Being conscious of how their body looks makes them terrified of gaining weight.

A person suffering from anorexia may exhibit the following symptoms; undergoing extreme weight loss which may eventually cause them to be underweight, mood swings which are characterized by anxiety, apprehension, and guilt.

 Anorexia causes the victim to be constipated and vomit. The victim may exercise headaches, have dry skin, brittle nails, dieting, and dry hair can lead to missing menstruation.

The victim may also find it hard to sleep.

Being anorexic poses a danger to one’s brain there is reduced heart rate which makes the brain to be deprived of oxygen. This eventually leads to problems such as seizures, disordered thinking, and numbness.

The Covid -19 pandemic has had a lot of effects on people who have an eating disorder. The pressure to maintain the perfect body weight and having body goals on social media is one of the factors. The long periods of lockdown have made other people continuously eat while others work out excessively to lose the little weight gained staying at home.

Anorexia can be unusual but it is self-diagnosable, there are treatments available that can help manage this condition.

The best way to treat anorexia is through therapy. Guardians and families are also advised to be calm and sensitive when engaging with anorexic victims.

Having a support group is crucial in regaining their self-esteem and restoring their normal weight. Talking to a therapist can also contribute to behavioral changes in a person.

For one to take back control and fight this disorder they should follow these simple steps;

Practice smart eating habits, Wear clothes that you like that draw out your confidence, seek emotional support from therapist and family, Give your mind a rest, and lastly set goals that you can meet. Following these steps and having the willingness to get better will ensure a hundred percent recovery and a new beginning to a healthy and happy life.

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