Murang'a Women Rep- Sabina Chege

Sabina Chege vote-rigging remarks.

Muranga’a Women rep Sabina Chege is now under fire after making some remarks on Thursday suggesting that they rigged elections in the past. Speaking at a public rally in Vihiga county where they had taken the Azimio la Umoja campaign trail, Sabina said they had stolen some votes in the last general elections. As such, they can do the same in the coming elections.

“Mnajua kule central nimeskia wengine wakisema tuliwaibia. Kuna ka ukweli kidogo. Lakini kama tulijua kuiba… si hata hii tutafanya ninii? Kwani wanafikiria wao ndio wajanja? Sabina remarked. Her sentiments have now sparked an outroar from a section of UDA leaders who have come out to castigate the Murang’a Woman Rep.

Dp Ruto, however, dismissed the remarks by Sabina Chege, adding that he is confident of winning in the coming election. He further warned against any attempts by leaders to rig the forthcoming elections. “Our competitors have now accepted that we have defeated them in terms of agenda and votes. Their option now is to rig the elections. We want to tell them we are ready for them. We God and Kenyans on our side,” said DP Ruto.

“If you look at us and this entire brigade that I am leading, do we look like people whose votes can be stolen? We shall beat our competitors very early in the morning,” the DP added. ANC leader Musalia on his part, dismissed any talks about rigging elections, terming them irresponsible, and said that they should not tolerate them in a democratic space.

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