What next after campus

Many graduates are loitering away from their homes after spending a couple of years in campus. The main excuse being they don’t want to go back to the village after getting `educated’.

They don’t want to go back to the village after the whole village expected them to ‘land big jobs’ after studying in university. They would be bombarded with `why wouldn’t you find a job over there?’ kind of questions. Nosy villagers even visiting their homes with funny reasons like comparing amount of last night’s rain between the two homes as it would turn out they came to interview to the graduate; why did you come back? Are you staying or going back? They could offer scary advices like,” village life is hard, it’s for the old and unlearned, a learned person in the village is always unhappy and many more”.These are the villagers who just can’t lead their own lives.

 It reaches at a point where even the graduate’s family aren’t pleased with their home staying. They would give them loads of work and would never get satisfied even if they worked like horses. They are given one complicated task after another, like tilling an acre and given little food which seems to be telling them `this isn’t your place anymore, go get a life’. Home no longer feels like home but a strange land. There’s coldness from the parents, some going to the extent of lecturing them, “I didn’t struggle to pay school fees so you can come back here. You ought to find something to do. Don’t bring shame to this family.” They compare them to several others who have good jobs even though they’re older hence many graduates prefer staying far away from home to avoid all this drama.

 I knew of a certain girl who would be chased from friend’s houses since she just idled there. After graduating she camped at a friend’s place, her schedule being phone-eating-sleeping. She couldn’t find something to do while expecting to be provided. The friend finally chased he. How can you stay in someone’s house idling? It happened that four more friends did the same thing to her and at long last she decided to go cohabitate with a boyfriend. Do you think its men who likes lazy women? Extra dependent? parasites? Sometimes she went back home and went back to the boyfriend. I had no idea what was happening as her life revolved around that.

 It’s high time graduates find something to do after school before landing their dream jobs if they don’t want to go back to the village. Even if it’s hawking, they should be occupied. They should start it while studying since classes are not taught all day, this will make it simple once they graduate since they’ll have learnt how life goes on. Even God doesn’t bless lazy bones you know. Before landing that dream job, show him you are smart working.

After all, years are moving and old age is knocking, so better start preparations early. At least earn something, even if it’s two hundred shillings a day, it’s sweeter when you’ve sweated for it, you’ll manage it to the very best, you’ll grow an entrepreneur mind. Success doesn’t come easily, you have to start where you are.

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