Pastors ‘Kenya Kwisha’ Slip Of The Tongue

Deputy President William Ruto

A slip of the tongue at the Kenya Kwanza event is now a trending topic after a pastor atn the event,during the prayer,said Kenya Kwisha instead of Kenya Kwanza.

The pastor who was praying during during women’s delegation event that was held at Nyayo stadium.The evenbt was hosted by Deputy president William Ruto who is also the Kenya Kwanza Alliance Presidential candidate


In a video seen by The Daily Whistle, the pastor realized her mistake when the delegates laughed and retracted the statement.

William Ruto was launching the women league that will go a long way to counter Azimio La Umoja One Kenya’s deputy presidential candidate Martha Karua

When the gods want to destroy you they make you go mad first , DP Ruto can’t believe his eyes that the evangelist said it’s Kenya Kwisha instead of Kenya kwanza ,This are the effects of coming out from Room 350 to Nyayo Stadium to pray one just sounds like Omoke and Nyambura” Frank Mtetezi said on twitter

Ni kama huyo mama amezoea kusema ‘Kenya Kwisha’ akiwa nyumbani ” Joseph Ogidi said on Facebook


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