Police Dismiss Terror attack Fears

National Police Spokesperson Bruno Shioso

The National Police Service has dismissed fears of a looming terror attack in the country.

In a press statement send to the Newsroom, Police spokesman Bruno Shioso assured members of the public that security has been beefed up in the country through different policing operations.


“The service has reengineered her police units in line with modern-day policing dynamics, challenges, and emerging threats. Security operations that ensure that imminent attacks are forestalled proactively remain our priority,” Shioso said in a statement.

This was a reaction to information circulating on social media warning of an impending terrorist attack in the country particularly in Nairobi.

“The National Police Service assures the public that security in the country has been scaled up through different policing operations,” He said.

On Thursday, the French and German governments warned its citizens, residing in Kenya, of a possible terror attack in Nairobi targeting places frequented by foreigners.


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