Police Spokesperson Has Said That All Criminals in The Citizen Expose Will Be Dealt With

Police spokesperson Bruno Shioso has come out to speak about the Citizen Tv expose about the Kamiti Maximum Prison.

The Kamiti Call Centre expose that was investigated by Citizen TV’s Lulu Hassan, revealed that the inmates operate with prison officers to con unsuspecting Kenyans

In an interview with a local publication, The police spokesperson said that It is not the first time that the problem at Kamiti has been there for the longest time and they have been trying to dismantle that network with the help of the prison authorities.

He also said that they will also look into it and they have received a lot of scams during the recruitment of police recently.

“We are already doing investigations against the police recruitment where most of the calls were coming from Kamiti. The investigations started after recruitment. We traced the signals and showed that they were coming from Kamiti,” Shioso told Kenyans.co.ke

He also said that the investigations are underway and anyone who got involved will be dealt with according to the law

“We can’t say what would happen to them. What we know is that if they are involved and there is evidence, we take them to court, and then the due process happens now.

“After investigations, the action is taken as per the law. The first thing is they go to court, the prison can do internal actions but all this is based on the evidence collected,” he explained.

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