Shabana FC’ Brave Battle Echoes Through Kasarani Despite Gor Mahias Loss


In a captivating clash that unfolded under the floodlights at the Moi International Sports Centre Kasarani, Shabana FC exhibited unparalleled bravery and resilience, even in the face of a contentious 1-0 defeat against Gor Mahia.

The match, brimming with fervor and contested decisions, echoed with Shabana FC’s unwavering spirit and unyielding determination amidst adversity.

Shabana FC, under the wise mentorship of head coach Sammy Okoth, approached the game with unwavering determination and resolve. Despite the absence of key players due to injuries, Shabana FC’s defense stood as a formidable force, thwarting Gor Mahia’s relentless attacks time and again.

Goalkeeper Erick Ongiri emerged as a stalwart presence, making critical saves that kept Shabana FC in the contest.

The defining moment of the match arrived in the 79th minute when Shabana FC’s defender Aduda Abisolom was shown a controversial red card, reducing the team to ten men.

The decision, met with bewilderment and frustration, could have crippled many teams.

However, Shabana FC responded with extraordinary composure, standing firm in the face of adversity.Head coach Sammy Okoth hailed his players’ unwavering courage, praising their ability to confront challenges with resilience.

“I have utmost respect for my players. Their determination and fighting spirit are truly commendable. Despite the setbacks, they faced the challenge head-on. This match highlighted our team’s character,” commended Okoth.

Shabana FC’s passionate supporters, known for their fervent loyalty, stood by their team throughout the game.

James Omari, a dedicated fan, acknowledged the players’ heroic effort and urged fellow supporters to maintain their faith.

“Our players displayed immense bravery. As fans, we must continue rallying behind them, recognizing their indomitable spirit. Champions are not made in easy times but in battles like these,” emphasized Omari.

Another ardent supporter, James Maribo, stressed the significance of unity among fans, players, and sponsors, particularly during testing times.

“We are more than just fans; we are a family. Our collective strength and encouragement can lift the team’s morale. Our sponsors, Bangbet, have shown unwavering belief in us. Let’s respond with unwavering faith,” declared Maribo.

Amidst the challenges, Shabana FC found solace in the unwavering support from their sponsors, Bangbet.

The Sh20 million sponsorship deal, initiated before the season commenced, has provided the team with essential resources and financial stability. Bangbet’s commitment to grassroots football and community development mirrors Shabana FC’s vision for progress and success.

“Bangbet Their enduring support fuels our determination to excel. We are profoundly grateful for their unwavering trust in our team,” expressed Okoth, recognizing the pivotal role played by the sponsors.

As Shabana FC forges ahead in the league, their valiant performance against Gor Mahia stands as a beacon of hope.

With the steadfast support of their passionate fans and the unwavering backing of sponsors like Bangbet, Shabana FC faces the future with undaunted courage and tenacity.

The team’s gallant effort, even in the face of controversy, illuminates their path, promising a resilient and triumphant journey in Kenyan football.

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