UDA Awards Simon Mbugua Provisional Certificate, Jaguar In Tears

Starehe Member Of Parliament Charles Kanyi Njagua

Starehe Member of Parliament Charles Njagua Kanyi famously known as Jaguar has criticized the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party for conducting opinion polls instead of giving Starehe people a chance to participate in nominations and elect their representative

UDA issued a provisional nomination certificate to EALA MP Simon Mbugua to fly the party’s flag in the Starehe Parliamentary race.

According to UDA,it resolved to nominations due to violence that was witnessed in the constituency 

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“The people of Starehe were denied their democratic right to go to the ballot again for the nominations and choose their leader.” Jaguar said

“The party decided to carry out opinion polls to decide whom to award the nomination certificate and it has been done.”

The Kigeugeu hitmaker read mischief in the manner in which the certificate was awarded.“Could this be an outcome of certificates that started making rounds before nominations? Is democracy at stake here?”

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“I will be holding discussions with the people of Starehe and decide on the way forward.The voice of the people matters.”

Jaguar had earlier on come out to dismiss claims that he had dropeed his bid in favour of Simon Mbugua ahead of the upcoming August polls. 

“As the sitting M.P of Starehe Constituency I would like to inform my constituents that I have not stepped down for any aspirant and I have not held any discussions with the Deputy President in regards to this matter,” Jaguar said in a Facebook post on April 6.

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