We are ‘dating’ People Who are Dating other People

We are 'dating' People Who are Dating other People. Image Courtesy

It’s a solely sad and lost generation we are living in today. We are ‘dating’ people who are busy doing meetups with other people while we are still in the picture.

People who are not scared of mixing souls with other people and still come back to sleep with you. This is someone who will look you dead in the eye and declare their love to you knowing that they don’t mean it at all.

This is barely an understatement of how messed up we are as a generation. A generation that has turned love and relationships into hobbies, alcohol into cool drinks, breaking girls’ virginities into achievements, and to them; hurting someone’s feelings is a joke.

 Apparently, beating up a girlfriend is discipline and to them, suicide is not more than mere natural death. Worst of all, cheating is a part of the relationship.

I think it is time we normalize that love matters. That having to deeply care for another person ain’t ‘simping’. For me, falling in love with someone is one of the most beautiful and vulnerable experiences one can have. Despite the pain it brings with it once it’s over, it is a feeling everyone deserves to experience.

It is not every day you wake up and choose animosity when your true nature as a human being is to thrive in authentic connections. Being overly nonchalant all the time is overrated and tiring.

In a world that tries to make your heart hard all the time, try fighting for your heart’s softness.

Staying soft and human looks beautiful on everyone. I think it’s the right time to call your lover and make it known to them that you are interested in loving them more and more daily.


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