After The Storm,

Thunderstorm with lightning above the sea at sunset. Image Courtesy

Life came to a still. The earth stopped rotating, butterflies stopped fluttering and the leaves stopped falling. That‘s when I realized there was a storm in my life!

My name is Mitcha Lynn and this is my story:

A few months ago, I was in a place in life I would call “okay’’ I was working-I had my life figured out. I was the pride of my mother, a role model to my brothers and an admiration to my peers. 

Everything was going okay in life until I had an encounter with the ‘’storm’’.

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I joke around with my friends and I tell them writing is my baby-simply,I love writing damn much! At no point in my life, I thought I would stop writing but I did (I`m disappointed).

Writing has always been my safe haven. Why? Because it makes me vulnerable and expressive. 

Sitting here today and writing this article once more after two months is euphoric! I feel stronger and braver than I thought I was.

People have dark days but I think I had the darkest days. Things were just not working out! I completely moved from grace to grass. This is hard for me to write because it’s bringing me back to some of my weakest moments. But these moments made me the person I am today- stronger.

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The darkest days brought me to my brightest moments. Today I am sharing the full story of the storm in my life. Pause, before that I would like to be specific and appreciate four of my friends who pushed me to come back to writing once more: Brathe, Clement, Vee and Samantha- I love you guys loads and thank you for being the heroes of this story!

Before the story-I would like to encourage anyone going through any storm. God gives the toughest battles to His strongest soldiers. 

You are stronger than you think and God cannot give you what you can`t handle. Hold on in there and don’t give up yet because it does get better with time. There is always CALM AFTER THE STORM! 

To be continued……

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