How I met Him

Mitche Lynn/Image Courtesy

(I can already feel the tears coming through)

It is exactly 683 days, 84 weeks, One year 7 months since I met you. It has been the best experience so far.

Our story is not of a Cinderella meeting her prince or Bonnie meeting Clyde or rather of Romeo and Juliet….I would say our love story is the most beautiful love story in the history of time. It is one of two souls who found each other at the right time. What can I say? Am glad and thankful for the day you found me because in my 21 years of living, it takes the crown as the best day so far.

It was not all smiles, laughter, and joy before you. My name is Mitcha Lynn and this is my story:

I think everyone loves a good love story. I remember as a child dreaming about how God would write my story, who I would marry, how he will ask me out, our first kiss (well you get the idea)…It was so funny back then that I would laugh about how so different it was than I imagined…ONLY WORSE!

Growing up, I wanted to become a princess and hopefully meet my prince someday. I had imagined even how we would meet, hehe! For me I knew meeting him, would be love at first sight.

I had pictured our “meet-cute’’ meeting in so many ways lol. I had imagined how we would meet after us getting stuck together in the elevator or rather how he would knock down my books in the highway as I was rushing to class.

Eventually, I realized that 98% of all these only happened in novels and soap operas. This was the first big disappointment of my life. For a moment the probability of me ever meeting a prince was teeny-tiny if not non-existent. This was all before I met you.

Before I met you, I was in a place where I had accepted my single status as permanent. I know it`s funny because I was only turning 21 back then. Instead of actual princes, I had dreamt of, I had met many men of varying quality (to be polite). If you are related to me in any way, you know, hehe

One thing I am glad of is that I didn`t have to go all around the world to find you or even need rocket science knowledge to know you are the one. The first time we met in………..



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