An image of a Penile Implant

Aga Khan Hospital Performs the First Penile Implant Surgery in E. Africa

The Aga Khan University Hospital has successfully executed a penile implant surgery. This makes the hospital the first in the East and central Africa to perform the surgery which is aimed at correcting erectile dysfunction.

The surgery was performed on the patient after the failure of alternative treatment methods.

The procedure involves implanting a prosthetic device in the penis to allow persons with erectile dysfunction to get an erection.  The procedure takes approximately one hour.  During an erection, the veins in the penis enlarge to allow for blood flow into the penis’ shaft.

The erection is meant to remain firm until ejaculation but in cases of erectile dysfunction, the veins do not contract normally meaning that the erection does not last or remain firm as was the case of the patient at Aga Khan.

“Through this procedure his erectile dysfunction condition has been treated. If he had an issue with premature ejaculation, it will also be treated by this procedure. The advantage of this surgery is that the man can have intercourse anytime they like without using medication,” explains Dr Ahmed Yousef a Consultant Urologist and the Lead surgeon.

According to a research done by the hospital, 15-20% of men in Kenya suffer from Erectile Dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

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