Consider Their Passion Too


Kenya Universities and Central Placement service is a state corporation that is established to coordinate the placement of Government sponsored students to the Kenya Universities and colleges; develop and implement career guidance programmers and disseminate information on available programmes.

It’s established under the Universities Act, 2012.Kuccps always does a recommendable job in sponsoring of students. Some students pass in KCSE but are from humble backgrounds hence can’t get themselves to campus, thanks to KUCCPS cause if it were not for them; these students’ grades could be useless.

Additionally, KUCCPS place students who didn’t attain university grades to tertiary institutions ensuring no one stays at home after form four, which’s a great opportunity.

However, there’s a concern at hand; some students are selected to do courses they never dreamt of, not their passion at all since everyone is gifted differently. Some would be passionate teachers but are placed in medical courses.

There is this case where my relative is placed to do teaching while all he wants is law. He visits the KUCCPS headquarters severally, wasting a whole semester. Fortunately, he comes from a well-off family who provide fare the several trips he makes (three thousand Kenyan shillings to and Fro).

Luckily the course is changed to his passion. Now, take the case of a student from a humble background, with no fare to travel, would they really make it?meaning they’ll be stuck on the course they don’t like, shuttering their dreams.

They’ll have to learn the course the hard way; stressed hence exam failure. If they get an opportunity to graduate and work, they’ll be at their worst since the area isn’t just theirs. Many students are in the wrong careers hence jobs which’re not meant for them, lowering productivity since they don’t give their best.

It’s my prayer that KUCCPS check on this issue. They’re doing a great job helping the students but should put extra effort to ensure comfort of students by placing them to pursue their passions.

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