Kenyan government to Miguna: Come baby come


Embattled lawyer Miguna Miguna could be allowed into Kenya after the Solicitor General Ken Ogetto wrote to the ministry of interior which in turn directed immigration officials at Kenyan embassies in Berlin, Germany, and Ottawa, Canada, to issue him with travel documents.

In a letter to Law Society of Kenya president Nelson Havi, Solicitor-General Kennedy Ogeto said his office had advised the ministries of Interior and Foreign Affairs to obey court orders and allow Mr Miguna to return to Kenya.

“We have received confirmation from the Ministry of Interior that the Department of Immigration, has been directed to instruct the immigration officers in Berlin and Ottawa, to issue Miguna with the travel documents upon him filling the requisite forms,” stated Ogeto.

Miguna was to travel to Kenya on November 16, but was stranded in Berlin, Germany after the country’s national carrier, Lufthansa, refused to fly him to Kenya citing the existence of a red alert issued by the government.

Justice Ong’undi had ruled that a Kenyan Identity (ID) card is not a travel document to allow Miguna to travel from Canada to Kenya be used for emergency travelling.

“Here is the video of my visit to the Kenyan Embassy in Berlin, Germany, today, November 23, 2021. Once more, the Embassy officials refused to comply with Justice Ong’udi’s Order. No matter how long it takes, these acts of impunity and the impunity merchants must be punished to the full extent of the law,” Miguna Posted

It now remains to be seen if Miguna Miguna will travel to the country.

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