Mwaura re-admitted to the senate

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura/photo courtesy facebbok

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura was re-admitted to the senate after being expelled by the Jubilee party. Mwaura had been battling his expulsion in court.

Senator Mwaura moved to the high court Gazette notice 4597 by the speaker of the Senate that declared a vacancy of a member elected through a party list, thereby removing him as a senator

“Further the High Court having quashed gazette notice no. 4598 dated May 11, 2021, by the chairperson of Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission which appointed Mr Sammy Prisa Leshore to replace Isaac Mwaura as a member of the senate representing PWDs, I therefore direct that Isaac Mwaura Maigua, CBS, MP, remains as Senator in accordance with the Constitution of Kenya and the Senate Standing Orders,” Lusaka said.

Mwaura said that his reinstatement will go a long way in ensuring and protecting the three organs of the government.

β€œMy being in the Senate today is unlikely. Unlikely because it has never happened in the history of this republic that a seat can be declared vacant, a replacement gazetted, yet a reinstatement is occasioned by a court ruling. This is a novelty, indeed a landmark ruling that sets precedence going forward in not only protecting the independence of parliament, but ensuring that nobody shall be victimized purely based on their political opinion or association. Article 38 of our Constitution gives every citizen the right to freedom of association and its therefore inconceivable that this can be criminalized to the extent that one ends up losing their seat in parliament. This precedent should therefore serve as a warning that our constitution will stand tall in ensuring that this democratic right is protected”.Mwaura said

Mwaura had been in corridors of justice for over seven months.


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