Civilian volunteers listen to a military instructor inside a bomb shelter in Ivano-Frankivsk,Ukraine on Friday,march 11,2022. photo courtesy Alexey Furman/Getty images

Every war eventually boils down to numbers; the number of troops, battalion, artillery, armed vehicles and defense spending. This gives us a sense of what to expect; which side the odds are stuck against and which they’re tilted to.

If we look at this in terms of numbers, how do both Russia’s and Ukrainian sides compare?


According to 2022 Global Power Index, Russia has a military spending of 61.7 billion dollars that is 11.4% of its total government spending while Ukraine was spending 5.9billion dollars on its armed forces.

If we speak of Military manpower, Russia has 900,000 active personnel while Ukraine has 209,000.Russia has 2 million reserve personnel while Ukraine has 900,000.

Russia has 7,571 artillery or heavy military raged weapons while Ukraine has only 2,040.Russia has 30,122 army vehicles while Ukraine has 12,303.

A tank is an armored fighting vehicle, armed with a gun in a turret and moving on caterpillar tracks. Tanks are the primary offensive weapon of any army. Russia has 12,420 tanks while Ukraine has 2,596.

Russia has 544 attack helicopters compared to Ukraine’s’ 34.Russia has 1,511 fighter aircraft, the most important military aircraft designed primarily for air-to-air combat with other aircraft. Ukraine has just 98 fighter aircrafts, the most important weapon in air-to-air combat.

Military analysts say the Russian onslaught war will likely get worse in the coming days. Russian forces are increasingly turning to shelling civilian areas and infrastructure. Troops and tanks are packed down outside key cities.

Russian forces near Kyiv have moved forward some of their rare elements, including troops and military equipment, but the front line have not advanced on the capital.

Russian forces are about 10 miles (16 kilometers) outside Kyiv’s  city centre. According to the most recent pentagon assessment.

Russian aircraft are relying on unguided, “dumb” munitions to support their troops on the ground hence killing and wounding many Ukrainian civilians.


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