Significance of Romantic Relationships

couples holding hands
Do you know what you're getting yourself into?

A large number is getting into romantic relationships without the knowledge of what they really want. Some are too afraid to be or end alone, others are imitating their peers while others want their sexual urges fulfilled without legally marrying.

Others want someone to show up with or refer to while they search for their life mate and a million others reasons.

Before getting into a relationship have your principles, beliefs and expectations which if not met you walk out. Be in a relationship with impact, it’s your life you know.

Relationships have various importances beginning with learning. You should grow both self and shared. If you’re not added on then you are in a dormant ‘thing’, not a relationship.

Secondly your partner should show recognition. If you people know what you are really doing then there’s nothing to be hidden.

Thirdly, support.If you don’t feel some weight lifted then you are definitely in a ‘nothing’. Your partner should unstuck you where you feel stuck otherwise each is in their world hence no need of being together.

Appreciation is another importance. Why should you be with someone who doesn’t applaud you for even you little successes? Who are they appreciating then?

Furthermore there should be respect. Your partner should honor you by watching their actions and words. Not flirting with others as you watch or use filthy words.

Collaboration. Working towards a common goal is sweet; even if it’s conquering the world is possible. Two minds are better than one.

Other vital importances are companionship, having close bonds and maintaining personal values. If a relationship doesn’t portray all this then you are in a situation ship else you don’t want a beautiful future.

If you don’t feel a relationship kindly say it and walk out. Don’t waste each other’s time. It’s really sad wasting someone’s two years then  go for someone else.

God can’t be happy, that marriage can’t be joyous. Have a heart not beastiality.If you’re not happy, don’t cheat, go where you feel happy and Let your partner know you’re parting so they can sort themselves.

 God is watching whatever you do; what you do to others will always reflect to you in immeasurable amounts.

Don’t be deceived there are no real people, take your time, observe.Don’t rush into getting kids because the society dictates so cause at the end, you’ll wish you knew.

Remember marriage or kids are not an achievement. Likes of Maya angelou and mother Teresa had none of the above but left a legacy and can be remembered upto date. The bitter truth is no one will remember you for being in an abusive marriage or kids.

A relationship should be healthy. Happy couples live healthier and longer. This is where you’ll spend the rest of your life.

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