"Unity is strength"

Interpersonal relations are close connections between people. You can develop a connection with friends, family, strangers, romantic partners e.t.c.Lots of people form useless relations which affects them in one way or the other. There are factors which makes relations last.

First is trust. You cannot be connected to someone you don’t really trust, what for? Someone you cannot easily share issues with in fear that they are going to spit it out to the public. You don’t need such.


Secondly,support.You don’t have to relate with people who cannot hold your back.You are in a flat  relation if the other party cannot advise you-help you figure out how you can reach that goal or add up ideas.Run,because you are wasting a space worthy your destiny,which can be filled with supportive people.

Commitment also keeps relations going. People close to you should have willingness to work together with you. If you have similar goals they should be ready to partake duties without waiting to be pushed around. That’s how you are going to reach your goals faster, remember unity is strength.

Additionally, empathy should be shown. Whenever a displeasing or worst happens to you, can they show a heart? You don’t need don’t cares who just say, “it also happened to me so let them cope with it themselves”. Your so called close people should be ready to pull you out of that pit.A problem handled by two or more is lighter.

These are the four main factors among many that makes your relations last .Remember relations can be between your family,friends,romantic partners or strangers.In absentia of those factors you are just pilling useless people in your life.

Have relations you can think of and smile,you can boast about, you have confidence in. Have relations you’ll proudly say after some years ,“they contributed to this”.

Conclusively, who you surround yourself with will greatly determine your destiny.


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