Artificial Inteligence Lawyer

Harman Singh Grewal

Access to justice has been described as a critical pillar in poverty reduction and sustainable development, but how many times have you found yourself in a situation where you need a lawyer to defend you or interpret some legal terms, unfortunately, Sometimes you can’t afford their services

Well, I had a sit down with Harman Singh Grewal a 25-year old tech genius who wants to revolutionize access to justice in Kenya through the Artificial Intelligence Lawyer, where you can seek legal services free of charge

I started by asking him, why AI Lawyer

I believe there’s a lot of room for improvement in the legal space in Kenya, for example, you want to have a new passport in Kenya, the process is not quite easy for most people, so the first solution I wanted to provide for Kenyans is to have something that will explain to you the entire process.

So you just the AI Robot, Nadia, and it explains to you the entire process and if you need help in terms of filing those papers it will connect you with someone.

From that concept, we expanded to other areas for example if you want to sell land, your car if you want to ask legal questions like copyright. Nadia will explain to you the entire process and if you cannot do it yourself it will connect you to a legal service provider.

How is your invention going to promote access to justice?

Our slogan is access to justice through knowledge, we educate people on how they can get justice, that is how we are bridging the gap, if you feel like your rights are violated, the robot will educate you on how to go about it, you can be connected to an affordable service provider.

Can Nadia help one get a lawyer?

Yeah Sure, You can write us an email and receive an immediate response or you can have a chat with AI Nadia, you go through the filter process where we can specifically understand your problem then immediately we will connect you with the lawyer in our database that provides that specific solution

Do I have to communicate with AI Nadia in English Only?

The most exciting thing is Nadia is able to pick even the Kenyan accents, minority languages, and all the Kenyan local dialects Luo, Kikuyu, Luhya, and Kalenjin.

And What happens is our system will flag your question to show it doesn’t understand what it is, once it flags, someone in the team will look at why it flagged and recognize its unique language, once it’s recognized the person in the team that speaks that language just picks the answer from the database and forward it to you, translated in the forwarding process, we urge people to ask questions in any language of their choice

You can interact with AI Nadia through Audio, Video, and text to cater to a wide range of people, both literate and illiterate

But how does AI Lawyer

You have to log on to our website then type in the question that you have then it will respond immediately.

How much am I supposed to pay in order to access your services?

A lot of people get surprised when we tell them that these services are entirely free, all the information is free, and the contracts are free but the legal service providers that we connect you to, are charged by the lawyer we connect you with, but the entire process until then is free.

Whom are you working with? Is this a platform for Lawyers to advertise their services?

One element we have is the directory system, if you study the regulations for law firms in Kenya and commonwealth countries it’s close to illegal to advertise your firm, so what happens is, people do not where to find these legal firms, so we created the largest database of legal services which covers lawyers, resources covers contracts, templates, sample contracts if you want to sell a car, so we basically educate you but if you still want a lawyer we can connect you.

We believe information is key which is why we publish an article daily, on laws in the country and how they operate.

The three main targets in Kenya are services, information, and resources

We’ve had instances of People posing as lawyers yet they are not, how do you protect your subscribers against such people?

To be registered in our database you have to go through the vetting process to ensure that we only have people who are qualified to practice

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