Do you want to study abroad, this all you need to know

Studying abroad is a dream of many. Some start dreaming of these opportunities when they are in primary school while others think about it only when they are in high school, whereas others think of it after their first degree.

To study abroad there are a lot of requirements that one has to meet but the most important requirement is academics.

One has to be a good student In academics, a student who makes the cut has to maintain excellent grades.

Having good grades pave way for opportunities and a brighter future for these students.

Colleges and universities abroad have strict requirements for students who wish to gain entry compared to the universities in Kenya.

In Kenya, a minimum C+ grade in the secondary national exams is sufficient in guaranteeing a student placement.

Universities and colleges abroad also have requirements and these include the national exams results, standardized tests, personal essays, recommendation letters, application letters, and proper documentation.

The minimum grade in the national exam that is required and acceptable for universities abroad are as follow;

A minimum of a B+ and a minimum of an A- for those who have their eyes set on the Ivy League Universities. A minimum of B is also acceptable in some colleges.

Standardized tests have always played a crucial role in the acceptance of students, these tests differ from each country but the most common are SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, etc.

The TOEFL and IELTS are the standardized tests that are agreed are determine an English-speaking non-natives’ proficiency in the language.

They are accepted in more than 11000 universities and Institutions. These tests have four main testing areas that are reading, speaking, writing, and listening.  

SAT, on the other hand, are standardized tests that show how good one’s math is and evidence-based writing and reading. The highest score a person can get is 1600 and the higher one score the higher their chance of getting admitted to a good university.

Some agencies and schools are dedicated to helping students advance to the international scene. Schools like Brook house offer international foundation year programs that help compensate for the thirteenth year for the students who want to study in the United Kingdom.

Agencies like Uniserv Education, IEC- Study abroad, Uniconnect LTD, Hoscon Education, and Moons Education consultants work with clients to help them gain admission and scholarships for universities and colleges abroad.

Studying abroad has its benefits as testable to work with and in ultramodern facilities, they also get to have a feel of the international world, they also get a wide range of job opportunities and at the same time gain exposure.

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