How is Kenya safe for Tourists in 2022

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Kenya has been named among the best travel destinations over the past few years. Safety for travellers has always been assured. It has remained one of the safest travel destinations as it boasts of its amazing destinations, its warm climate and the very hospitable local communities that will make your trip unforgettable.


 Over the past year, it is evident that the pandemic has taken a huge toll on the tourism sector not only in Kenya but also all over the world. Kenya has managed to put in several measures to ensure it is still a travel destination choice for you as a traveller in the coming year.

 So How safe is Kenya for Tourists in 2022?

Kenya assures all international passengers inclusive of tourists of maximum security year round. Tourism is major source of foreign exchange in Kenya being that it is the best sought safari destination in Africa. Over the past two years it has experienced a surge with most hotels closing and workers being laid off because of no tourists. The government has put in measures, security, health geared to seeing the industry flourishing to its normal state in 2022

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The safari industry in Kenya is thriving and open for business and is the reason it has incredibly earned likes of many people worldwide as the most beautiful destination to be. Logistics is not a problem with the presence of adequate and efficient tour companies that plan each day of your trip making sure you get to visit every place.

Food hygiene is paramount for our visitors. Local delicacies at our safari camps and lodges are of good quality prepared by well-trained chefs. Our tour guides will give you recommendations on where to eat when you are passing through cities and towns. Tap water may be unsafe for drinking, you should always buy bottled water in addition to the ones provided by the camps, hotels and lodges.

Kenya is one of the countries taking part in measures to prevent the spread ofCovid-19 due to effective containment measures international flights have resumed and the dusk to dawn curfew lifted, easing travels even for tourists. Safari camps and hotels have complied with the Covid-19 safety measures including vaccination of all staff. International passengers into Kenya have to show a negative test Covid-19 certificate not later than 96 hours. With this, Kenya is safe.

Kenya is going to have general elections in 2022, with the previous cases of post-election violence, tourists may seem to hold back. However, they are assured of a peaceful and calm country.Kenya is known to have in the past years maintained peace during elections, however we can’t dispute the fact that it has had its share of post-election violence, major one, after the 2007 general elections but this doesn’t mean this is set to happen again.

The National security and authorities have been key in implementing safety precautions against any kind of violence that may occur during this period. The election may lead to downfall in the tourism industry further despite the much impact caused by Covid-19 in the last two years.

 Security especially to foreigners is a priority by the Kenyan government, amidst the embassies of different countries in Kenya always comes to their rescue immediately. Be alert every time, check the news and always ask your guide bout any rising tension.

The government of Kenya has put in a number of security measures in areas prone to localized conflict, for instance near the border. Terrorism also comes as a major concern especially in the Kenya-Somali border. The government is fully aware of this and at all times security is assured for any traveller visiting those areas.

Kenya being a malaria prone country, it is safe to consider using the malaria pills to make your stay comfortable, at the safari lodges and hotels use the mosquito repellent and remember to carry your own in case you miss one. Get vaccinated against other infectious diseases if you plan on staying longer.

Another concern for the travellers in the coming year is that of the LGBTQ+ community. Though it is unfortunate that the Kenyan laws prohibit any kind of homosexual activity, the safari community is fully aware of this and accepts the LGBTQ+ community and is tolerant and doesn’t discriminate in any way.

Safety is therefore assured in all the famous and infamous Kenyan destinations during their stay and travels around the country. However due to the conservative nature of the local communities living around tourist destinations in Kenya, it would be nice to avoid public display of affection.

If you are female and planning a solo trip, one major concern is checking if you would really be safe all alone. Kenya is very safe for female solo travellers and solo travellers in general. Most parts are suited for this. The local communities are friendly and this therefore should not worry you if you are planning that trip just for you. It will be safe to use safety practices that you would use while traveling to any other country worldwide. An example is meeting strangers in a public place, avoid walking alone during the night.

Let’s talk about the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi. In the city you will find thorough security in the airports and as you move around the city you will see police officers in public places policing, ensuring it is safe at all times. Just as you would be aware of your surroundings in any other city that is bustling with activities the same applies here. Ensure you are holding your belongings well. In Africa’s safest countries, Kenya being one of them you are more safe and protected in the game drive safaris as well as in the city despite some petty theft that may occur.


Kenya’s amazing climatic condition and communities ’hospitality for its visitor’s is an attraction you cannot bypass. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the tourism industry was hardest hit with international communities issuing travel bans to its citizens. With time measures from the global economy, Kenya included, in curbing the pandemic and restoring normalcy have been top notch to ensure the tourism industry doesn’t subside.

One year now, it’s profound to say normalcy is creeping in and the industry gradually coming to its feet. Kenya remains a destination of choice to many, putting into consideration how it looks into the well-being and safety of the traveller.

Xavier Mulaku

MD -Safari Update Travels


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