KTN News’ new face

KTN News’modern Newsroom/Photo Emmanuel Too

The Standard Group’s owned 24 hour news channel has been rebranded to a new look that will focus more its customer needs. The launch was unveiled with an ultra-modern converged newsroom is a mirror of what Standard Group has become over the years.

Speaking during the launch, the permanent secretary for ICT Esther Koimett urged the media to continue playing its key function of informing public opinion and serving as a watchdog to monitor whether the government is keeping it’s promises.

“We recognize the role played by the media in Kenya’s social, economic and political development, as the media you have the key function of informing the public opinion and serving as the watchdog,” Esther Koimett PS ICT.

She further urged journalists to be balanced and professional while reporting.

KTN News;reporter Emmanuel Too with colleagues

Koimett said that the government is committed in investing in medium development respecting freedom of press and fostering improvement in the sector through standards, procedure and practices and promote good will among stakeholders.

Through the PS the government thanked media owners for their efforts in helping the curb the spread of Covid 19 through free information dissemination

During the launch various journalists recounted how their professional journey has been.

Moses Wakhisi joined Standard group eight years ago as an intern and grown in the industry to one of the leading news anchor at KTN News.

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