Passaris wants Sonko to be jailed

Nairobi Woman Rep Esther Passaris/photo courtesy Passaris twitter

Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris wants the former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko to be jailed over the misuse of Social media.

Passaris was speaking at the Kenya International Conference Centre (KICC) during the launch of the 16 days activism against gender based violence,she criticized Sonko for demeaning Mary Nkatha, a former county worker on social media that sparked mixed reactions.

“Today we have seen another woman who was exposed by a man I think is not worthy to be called a leader in this country. He deserves to be in jail for all that he has done; for the defamation that he has done,” Passaris said.

Passaris urged the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) in conjunction with the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) to shut down Sonko’s social media handles since he has continued to propagate emotional violence against women.

In 2019 June, Sonko exposed a telephone conversation with Passaris, this led to bad blood between the two leaders.

Sonko has been in the limelight for his late night leaks about the rot in the judiciary.Sonko defended his actions of leaking private conversations to the public as a way of fighting cartels.

He said that he does not record every person.

According to the United Nations report on Gender Based Violence (GBV) nearly 1 in 3 women have been abused in their lifetime. In times of crises, the numbers rise, as seen during the COVID-19 pandemic and recent humanitarian crises, conflicts and climate disasters.

A new report from UN Women, based on data from 13 countries since the pandemic, shows that 2 in 3 women reported that they or a woman they know experienced some form of violence and are more likely to face food insecurity. Only 1 in 10 women said that victims would go to the police for help.

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