President Putin versus Ukraine… how predictable is his intention?

president putin vs ukraine
Russian troops have already been deployed to the Ukraine borders under President Putin’s orders.

Let us face facts, is the current situation between Ukraine and Russia a prelude of World war 3? Or for how long is the world going to witness the increased tension between the two states? Such answers can only be given by the Russian president Putin who recently deployed over 200,000 troops to the Ukrainian borders.

The central question asked is “What is Putin’s intention?”

President Putin’s moves are quite questionable because he has launched his first invasion. For a long time, he has consequently denied accusations about his intention to attack Ukraine. However, his latest announcement and immediate explosion in Ukraine capital has significantly increased doubts about his actions.

Ukraine is highly populated by over 44 million citizens who have recently panicked because of Putin’s actions. Russian military has been deployed to areas experiencing ceasefire frequently and has increased the war breakout chances.

The main ground for Russia’s move towards Ukraine is a false accusation that it initiated genocide and Russia seeks to protect its citizens especially from the rebels. Ukraine cannot tell how far President Putin is willing to move especially with the pending invasion. He already tore up the peace accords and threatens to go further suppose he is not granted his demands.

The west fears that a huge war will be instigated because and President Putin’s major target is Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital with more than 2.8 million people. Cyber-attacks are another possible way that president Putin might execute to attack Ukraine. How far is President Putin willing to go in his plot against Ukraine? Or is the present situation a snippet of the world facing the world war 3?

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