President Uhuru supports Raila’s bid


The 2022 presidential race gained momentum yesterday when the head of state fell short of endorsing the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader.

The president urged the youths to ignore those saying that Raila is old and cannot lead the country .

In a veiled attack on his deputy,for starting early campaigns yet he was supposed to be his principal assistant

The president was in Nakuru County,a hot bed of Kenyan politics,the president was accompanied by a host of leaders including the former premier Raila Odinga,national and county leaders during the launch of Nakuru City.

Raila in Nakuru city/Photo courtesy State house

“I want to caution our leaders. Let’s not take politics with (reckless) speed. Leadership will come, bide your time,” he said in apparent reference to Ruto’s early campaigns.

“Speed is dangerous. Pole pole ndio mwendo (taking it slow is the way to go). It is better you go slowly and get where you’re going,” he said. 
“If somebody comes and says this person or that person is old, tell them leadership is in the head,” he added.

The president said that leadership was within and the age factor was a non-issue while rooting for peace and national unity.

The president said that you might be old but young in mind and leadership is not like sprint but marathon.

Nakuru municipality was elevated to the city status becoming the fourth city after Nairobi,Mombasa and Kisumu.

Ruto has always termed Raila Odinga as too old to lead the country and a perennial looser who has no track record to show for his years in government.

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