Tough guidelines to unvaccinated Kenyans

Health Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Dr. Mercy Mwangangi. Image courtesy

The ministry of health in Kenya has announced harsh rules to unvaccinated Kenyans due to an alarming Covid-19 infection rate

Health Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Dr. Mercy Mwangangi,in a press release said that 3,328 people tested positive for COVID-19 from 11,197 samples, that were tasted in the last 24 hours.


The positivity rate now stands at 29.7 percent

Dr. Mwangangi stated that Kenya has so far received 23 million vaccines, only 9.2 million have been vaccinated. Which is slightly below the government target of 10 Million people before the end of the month. Only 3.2 million Kenyans have been fully vaccinated.

The National Emergency Response Committee (NERC) on coronavirus has instituted a raft of measures to curb the spread of the virus as those who are vaccinated are performing better as compared to those who are unvaccinated.

This measures come in the wake of Omicron variant which is highly transmissible than any other variant to have been detected in the world.

“Everybody seeking in government services must be fully vaccinated and proof of vaccination availed by 21st December, 2021.” The CAS said.

“In public places, all people must show proof of vaccination for admission into National Parks and reserves, hotels, bars and restaurants as well as use of public transport means including domestic flights, trains and passenger services vehicle. All visitors and tourist from Europe must be fully vaccinated and should show proof before entry into the country,” She continued.

The ministry of health will require proof of vaccination at all organized events, weddings, funerals, receptions, parties, conferences, sports, trade fairs, and workshops.

Hotels, restaurants and cafes that offer table service as well as pubs, bars, movie theatres, supermarkets and shopping malls have been directed to demand proof of vaccination from any citizen that wishes to access the premises.

Mwangangi also insisted on the need of preventive methods and following the Ministry Of Health covid prevention guidelines.


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